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California will not allow President Obama’s Obamacare “fix” – Health plans scheduled to cancel as anticipated November 22, 2013

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Despite the president’s wishes to the contrary, California yesterday rejected his plan to allow individuals to keep their current health plans through 2014.   In a press release, insurance commissioner Dave Jones expressed disappointment in the state health care exchange, CoveredCA, not allowing this provision to go through:

Over a millionCalifornians have received cancellation notices from their health insurer. On behalf of these policyholders I am disappointed in Covered California’s action,which denies individuals and families the opportunity to keep their existing health insurance as President Obama promised.

“Covered California rejected what President Obama and I asked for—that individual policyholders be allowed to keep their existing health insurance through all of 2014. Covered California’s decision denies Californians the same opportunity health insurers are giving to its small business customers who are being allowed to renew current policies throughout 2014.

CoveredCalifornia could have honored President Obama’s request, without causing damage to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act or the Exchange.

While one might think as insurance commissioner Mr. Jones could have had a bigger hand in this decision, California’s unique health dynamic did not allow the commissioner to make this decision unilaterally. As part of their contract with insurers, CoveredCA had stipulated that these same plans must be cancelled.  In order to allow the carriers to comply with President Obama’s new guidance on the matter, not only did Mr. Jones need to sign off on the decision, but CoveredCA needed to release the individual carriers from that provision of their contract as well.  CoveredCA declined.

President Obama’s request that insurers allow policyholders to keep their plans through 2014 has put ACA supporting insurance commissioners in a tough position. On one hand, they’d like to stand united with their president.  On the other hand, the president’s directive is a blow to the current ACA implementation, as it means millions less will sign up for the exchange policies.

If you currently have a policy in California, the strong likelihood is that it is still ending as scheduled.  Contact Quotebroker at 866-SUBSIDY to review your 2014 healthcare options, whether that may be through the state health exchange, privately direct-to-carrier, through a small group health plan, Medi-CAL, Medicare, or another healthcare option best suited to you.


Obamacare 101: Health Care Reform FAQ – en Español September 19, 2013

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Not to be outdone, the Kaiser Family Foundation has released their popular Health Care reform video guide in Spanish as well. Watch as “Los YouToons Se Preparan Para Obamacare.” Spanish-speaking consumers will go from “know-nothing” to “Know-it-all” in just seven minutes.

Further questions/preguntas? Ask away! If you prefer to receive your options over the phone, simply dial 866-SUBSIDY or 800-783-0802

Highlights from CoveredCA Health Benefit Exchange meeting 05/07/2013 led by Peter Lee May 7, 2013

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CoveredCA held its most latest meeting today, May 7th 2013 and released some big updates regarding California healthcare reform.  Among the highlights were:

  • Insurers participating in CoveredCA will be announced May 23, 2013.
  • The latest draft of the Model Contract was released, the “living document” upon which all insurer contracts will be based.
  • Participating insurers will be required to terminate all ACA non-compliant plans on December 31, 2013
  • CoveredCA will not allow any non-standard plan designs on the California Individual Health Benefit Exchange, but perhaps will on the SHOP exchange for small groups

This is big news for those seeking insurance via the California Health Benefit Exchange.  If all ACA non-compliant plans must be cancelled on December 31, 2013 it means that many individuals will be displaced and need to seek new benefits, either via CoveredCA or outside the health benefit exchange.  Individual policyholders should be prepared in advance of December 31st by making their arrangements on or before October 1, 2013 – the date the CoveredCA California Health Benefit Exchange is slated to begin accepting applications.  Individuals are encouraged to arrange for a preenrollment.  Because rates and benefits should be finalized in advance of the October 1, 2013 Health Benefit Exchange opening date, individuals seeking coverage will be able to browse plans and narrow down their health plan choice in advance of enrollment.  By volunteering their health benefit exchange subsidy qualification information, individuals can be prepared to complete the actual enrollment process when exchanges open for business.  Quotebroker.com will have a dedicated portal do just that beginning in late summer- stay tuned!

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